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My name is Jessie Belot, LL.L.

I am the founder of BelotIP Trademark Law. With over 20 years as a Trademark Agent in Canada, I specialize in protecting intellectual property rights in my country and globally.


With my expertise in trademark law, I provide tailored solutions to safeguard brands and innovations, ensuring legal integrity in the competitive market

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Hello and Welcome
to My Blog!

My blog delves into the world of intellectual property and is tailored specifically for small businesses. I'll explore what intellectual property entails, its significance, and how you can leverage it to safeguard your innovative concepts.

I'm excited to provide insights on shielding your intellectual property from imitators and to offer guidance on the most effective strategies for defending your ideas when they are used without your consent. Additionally, you can anticipate anecdotes from my community of entrepreneurs who've confronted such challenges and emerged triumphant.

Stay tuned for a wealth of valuable information!


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